Names, Names, Names . . . continued

Jehovah-Sabaoth: The Lord of Hosts

As a young boy, David saw the big giant and his strong army, but he also saw something even bigger. David saw the bigness of God, who is bigger than any giant, stronger than any enemy, and greater than any army. David knew that God is Jehovah-Sabaoth, the Lord of Hosts.  A “host” is an army. Jehovah-Sabaoth has a “host” of angels, armies and armies of angels. God can send this host of angels to fight for His people and for His great name. These host of angels are also fighters. They are big, strong, fierce warriors! They fight for the living God. They do what He tells them to do.

“For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:11

We have a choice to make, we can see and think about all the big, scary, sad, and hard things in our life, or we can see and think about Jehovah-Sabaoth our Lord of Host. It will take faith to see God as big and other things as little, but as we continue to see things that way, God will become our Jehovah-Sabaoth.

Theresa Dickens

Children’s Minister



you are greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved 

by our Heavenly Father!

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